Help to us

Hello there my dear user of My name is Vlad, and i am owner of this website. I never asked before for help in my life, as i have everything, what i need to live. Thanks to God for this. But situation in which we have fallen is hard, and difficult. It’s war. I am from Ukraine, and you are probably hearded about it. That Russia are invaded into Ukraine.

And yes – Until today still there figting for territory, on the front of war nights seems like days, thanks to missiles.

Thanks to God – i am live on west of Ukraine, and here is no active war, but Russia still bombing whole Ukraine, this is so scary. And we are hearing emergency alarms nearly every day.

Thanks to God, i no need nothing. But there other people here who need help. In my region there a lot of refugee who run away from war. It’s old people who cannot provide for themselves.

My counry Ukraine is poor